Warmth classes range from 60 - 90 minutes and the temperature ranges from 95 - 103 depending on the class. 
Warmth is an all-level studio - whether you're brand new to yoga, or a long-time practitioner or teacher, you belong here. 



26 & 2

Commonly referred to as "Bikram Yoga", the series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, suitable for all ages and all levels of ability, comes from the Ghosh lineage of the Bengal region in India. This series was designed with the goals of strengthening every body system in order to prevent illness and injury, promote weight loss and limit the effects of aging in the body & mind. Each posture stretches strengthens and prepares specific muscles, ligaments, and joints needed for the next posture. This system stimulates the organs, glands, and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and restoring all systems to healthy working order. The practice improves concentration, patience, determination, and self-control to increase mental clarity and reduce stress. Suitable for all ages, levels of ability, and experience. An excellent way to combat the rigors of modern society and lifestyles. This class is 60 or 90 minutes, 103-105 degrees, and 40% humidity.



Vinyasa at Warmth is a 60-minute moving meditation. Vinyasa teaches us to link movement to breath and to circulate prana through every part of the body. 

Warmth's vinyasa classes are segregated into 3 categories: Anahata, Solar & Lunar.

Anahata is our heart centered vinyasa. This style is moderately paced, includes namaskars, and often will include backbends and twists.

Solar vinyasa is our most powerful style of vinyasa. This style is our fasted paced and includes sacred strength training, arm balances, inversions, and more. 

Lunar vinyasa is our most gentle style with slow-paced movement that is calming and cooling to the nervous system. Lunar Vinyasa emphasizes floor work and longer holds in gentle asanas. Lunar vinyasa is regenerative, increases vitality, and acts as medicine for a busy mind and overworked nervous system.



Ghosh yoga comes from the Calcutta (or Kolkata) region of North Eastern India. This style is presented in a traditional format of postures (asanas) followed by a constructive rest. The rest allows the body to integrate the effect of the asana and regain balance before moving into the next posture.


Ghosh 1 is the complete beginning series which is a great fit for all bodies. This series includes some but not all of the poses found in the 26 & 2, plus a handful more. 

Ghosh 2 is the intermediate series which is a great fit for those who have mastered the beginning series, or the 26 & 2, and are working towards more advanced asana practice. This style strengthens the body and calms the mind by increasing stillness, focus, and concentration.

Tri-Dosha Balancing

This Tri-Dosha Balancing Asana Series furthers a Yogi's bandha, pranayama, and asana practices to full potential and improves overall health. A teacher will guide a student through an asana sequence in a relaxing flow which allows their mind and body to express in a meditation. A relaxing meditative approach develops self-awareness, prevents injuries, allows prana to flow without restriction, and cultures the unconscious or subconscious to be free of any stored stress, trauma, and clutter. This is a complete practice that builds a person to be strong from the inside-out, aligning skeletal framework, building internal systems to function proficiently leading to healthy psychology and ultimately enriching life. Isaiah guides Tantra Tri-Dosha Balancing series on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm. 



In Yin, students allow themselves to find deep stillness in postures while relaxing the muscles, ligaments & tendons. Students will hold poses for 3-6 minutes, allowing connective tissue and fascia to be stimulated. This leads to stronger, well-hydrated, more resilient tissues and better-lubricated joints.

Cassie leads Yin Yoga on Sundays at 6 pm and Thursdays at 7pm.