108 Sun Salutations

on Summer Solstice

Join Mariah for a traditional Yogi Solstice celebratory practice of 108 Sun Salutations. This practice is a powerful moving meditation that breaks down internal barriers and increases your natural, divine light. The continuous cyclical movement mirrors the cycle of the sun and brings you into a deep trance state where higher intelligence is more easily accessed and integrated. This is an experience that deepens your relationship to the practice and the interconnectedness of external world and the internal world. The magick of the practice can not be contained within words, it must be experienced to be understood. 

Summer Solstice

Join us in the evening for our inaugural gathering in our newly expanded studio

6 - 9pm

Solstice fire, good food, drinks, dancing,

co-creation & community

LSD Under the Full Moon

Long, Slow, Deep
With Cassie Brinkley

image1 (2).jpeg

Thursday, 6/24 
7:30 - 9:30pm

Free outdoor class under the full moon

This gentle yet deep series is focused on opening the hips. The practice is done on the earth, rugs will be provided, please bring a mat.

You may want to wear or bring warmer layers.