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Warmth yoga classes range from 60 - 90 minutes and the temperature ranges from 88 - 105 depending on the class. 
Warmth is an all-level studio - whether you're brand new to yoga, or a long-time practitioner or teacher, you belong here.

Interested in a private yoga session? 



26 + 2

The traditional hot yoga series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, suitable for all ages and all levels, comes from the Ghosh lineage of the Bengal region in India.


The series is designed to improve flexibility and strength in the spine. Each posture prepares the specific muscles, ligaments, and joints for the next posture.


This system stimulates the organs, glands, and nerves, moving freshly oxygenated blood to all body parts and restoring all systems to healthy working order.

The practice improves concentration, patience, determination, and self-control, increasing mental clarity and reducing stress. Suitable for all ages, levels of ability, and experience.

This class is 60 or 90 minutes, 103-105 degrees, and has 40% humidity.



Warmth Vinyasa is a 60-minute moving meditation and a practice of integration and sacred embodiment.

 Each class is a unique experience guided by the teacher's own embodiment of yoga.

Vinyasa is a moving meditation, each practice is unique and adaptable to include solar (activating) and lunar (nourishing) options.

Lunar Vinyasa emphasizes nourishing the nervous system with gentle movement meditation.


Shakti Vinyasa awakens your inner power. This style includes Shakti namaskars and dynamic movement,  body mudras, and meditation.

Shakti Vinyasa is held on Sundays at 9 am & Fridays at 5:30.

Vinyasa is 99-101 degrees and has 40% humidity.


Relaxation offerings 
Yin ~ Tri-dosha ~ Yoga Nidra

In Yin, students find deep stillness in postures held for 3 - 6 minutes while relaxing the muscles, ligaments & tendons. This leads to stronger, well-hydrated, more resilient tissues and better-lubricated joints.

The Tri-Dosha series is a relaxing flow that allows the mind and body to express themselves in meditation. A relaxing meditative approach develops self-awareness, prevents injuries, allows prana to flow without restriction, and cultures the unconscious or subconscious to be free of any stored stress, trauma, and clutter.

Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious relaxation that allows the body to heal and reharmonize naturally. The practice is an inner journey guided by the teacher while the student lays in Savasana and relaxes deeply. Yoga Nidra is great for everybody, by restoring harmony to the physiology of the body and mind.

Gentle classes are comfortably warm at 90-93 degrees

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