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Warmth studios

BE Fluid:  Hydration & Functional Movement

September 23rd
12:30 - 2:30 pm 

In this co-creative workshop, Scott and Ana dive into the magic of BEing Fluid through Hydration and Peak Human Movement so that you can learn how to move like a River with more ease, energy, and vitality.

Members: $35*

Non-Members: $55

*members, please email for discounted registration

We believe in the power of movement to heal the body, mind, and consciousness.

At Warmth, we welcome everybody that walks through our doors to journey deeper into themselves while connecting with a conscious community and opening our hearts and minds to the infinite potential inside you. 

Warmth is my offering to the community, a space for us all to connect with one another as we journey deeper into ourselves, together, in a body-positive and life-affirming environment. 

You belong here.

Aum  Shanti 


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